Picking your ideal customer couldn’t be easier…

We’ve created the Customer Picker to make choosing your ideal customer list a breeze. You don’t have to be a data analyst… all you need is an idea of who your customer is, and away you go!

Step 1 – Open our easy to use interface…


Customer Picker - No Selection

Then build up your customer list using our simple navigation… let’s kick things off by selecting the kind of person we want


Pick the kind of person you want


You’ll notice that the number of available customers updates in real-time:




You’ll also see the number of available contact methods update (phone, email, mobile and address);


Contact Methods



Once you’ve done this bit (or even before if you fancy it) run through all the other options to really hone in on your ideal customer…


Customer Selectors


¬†Once you’re happy with your selections you can save your search then move on to buy your new customer information

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