Refund Policy

As we are dealing with data (which is a digital rather than physical product) there are certain steps we need to take in order to refund. Please see below for more details.

You have purchased the data in error

That’s fine… we all make mistakes. Just return the data file to us, and confirm you won’t attempt to contact anyone in the data set, and we’ll refund your money. Please bear in mind that we seed the data. What this means is that we are able to track how and when the data is used, so while we are sure you won’t use it, if you do you will be bound by our terms and conditions of use, as well as subject to possible legal and criminal proceedings.

The data is getting lots of “bounces” / “not at this address”

Data, by it’s nature, does go out of date. We keep ours really up to date, but sometimes a record might be old. If that happens to you, then please send us evidence of the bounced record, and we’ll refund you DOUBLE for that particular record.

The data hasn’t produced the results I expected

In this situation we are unable to offer a refund. We will always do our best to advise you on the best method for selecting targeted data, but the ultimate responsibility is yours. For example if you are selling a product targeting men in their 50s and buy a list of women in their 30s, we can’t be held responsible for this and won’t issue a refund.

How quickly will you refund my payment

Refunds will be processed 72 hours after the refund request had been confirmed.

Rob McNIcollRefund Policy